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If you are looking for a gummy smile specialist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas, you know here’s the go-to place. Treat gummy smile or dark gums with a trustworthy, skilled professional. Dr. Farnoosh is a true pioneer in cosmetic dentistry techniques to fix those issues; techniques that have been followed by many other professionals ever since.


  • Clinical professor at USC / School of Dentistry
  • Pioneered patented gum bleaching (lightening) treatment
  • Inventor of a technique for Gummy Smile Treatment
  • International cosmetic dentistry authority
  • Wrote more than 40 texts in medical journals
  • Diplomate & Board Certified by the American Board of Periodontology
  • Teaches gum bleaching and gummy smile treatments to other dentists

As an experienced periodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Alex Farnoosh has specialized in gummy smile, dark gums, gum bleaching and smile make over as well as many other cosmetic dentistry procedures. He’s been servicing all sorts of patients around Southern California for over 30 years. He’s a pioneer in developing a simple yet effective procedure that corrects gummy smile. This technique has helped thousands of people to smile with confidence.
Meet Dr. Farnoosh

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